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Enigma Concepts Computer Repair

By appointment only please

1 501 279 6666

Call or text for more information

Located in the Cabot area

$15. Flat rate to diagnose your computers problems, The $15 dollars will be waved and is free if the computer is left for us to fix.

$75. Full wipe out with fresh install of Windows and Drivers, and all updates downloaded and installed.

$30 charge to recover any information that you request from Favorites, pictures, music, and so on. If the computer can not be repaired or is not worth repairing and the hard drive is still working, yet you would like to recover some of the stuff on the computer.

$20 To fully wipe out all information on your hard drives. Then repartition them like OEM or leave them Bare Bone. I use a Double Wipe System.

I have the Hardware and the Software to completely wipe out your Hard Drives. This is nice for when you want to sell your computers and want all traces of your information removed.

$15 and I will unlock the Admin password if you have forgotten it or what you typed in for Windows OS (OPERATING SYSTEM) only. If your BIOS is locked out because of a Password, I can only price that after looking at the computer. As different Computers have different ways to clear the BIOS Password which can take more work than others

Physical repair is dependent on the actual price of parts and the time involved to install them and if windows needs to be reinstalled. On laptops I can replace broken cases and monitors. NO Physical work will be started or Parts Ordered without first contacting you and giving you as close to a figure as I possibly can and you approve it. Then, and only then, will I order parts and begin the work.

I will also build Custom, Regular Desktop, Laptops or Tower computers to your needs or specifications. Before building I will research and get you a close BALL PARK figure. A 2/3 deposit is required before starting.

Need help finding parts. I can help you find the right parts like power cords and batteries and more. We can find them and get them for you.

I no longer work on Cell phones, pads, tablets, or Mac computers.

NOTE: I can also properly recycle Computers, Hard Drives, Monitors, Laptops, Printers, and Cellphones free of charge. And Batteries for the stated items. Before recycling Items are broken down into basic components like metal, plastic, hazardous and so on. Then properly recycled.